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Peering Into My Future

Dr. Bethany Innis, DVM, CVA, CCRT, CVCHM, CVSMT


A Cacophony of Breakfasters

I snuggle under the fluffy covers a little deeper

and scratch the first furry belly I find under here with me

A soft sigh escapes as I start to become part of the morning

I can hear the little chatter of hens as they debate their order

Who goes where

Who goes first

And complain lightly about the breakfast delay

A little nose and a big nose start to nuzzle me up

And I can hear Tom start the tea on the stove

Rustling in the cabinets

Clomping boots across the floor

The screen door slams its friendly summer time sound

There are some very chatty horses

And a couple of soft bleats from some

Spoiled adoptees

I can hear Tom’s voice greet them

A sing-songy baritone amongst a cacophony of breakfasters

I stumble down the stairs

Wrapped in a blanket Trudie made before she left for school

With a trail of dog and cat footsteps close behind

Grab my special mug from Maisie

Slicing some of the bread I made in an impromptu experiment yesterday

Knowing its too early to call and check in with the girls

I text a quick picture of the ocean view

I tell them I love them

That I’m hugging all the animals for them

I spy some texts from work

Seeing that there are some little blips on the schedule

A couple of surprises that popped up overnight

The gals have it covered and can wait until I roll in

I can’t remember the whole line up for the day

I trust a lot of favorites will surface

Their soft muzzles will carry my day along

Till it is time to sit back down and write

The students will be abuzz with questions

Anxious to get their feet wet

The gals will patiently answer and demonstrate

And little by little

Let them spread their wings

The clients will chat with each other

As the animal elders sigh and take a nap on the soft floor

Having lightened their current burdens

They feel airier than when they walked in


When everyone is sorted and feeling better

We’ll all head home before the summer sky darkens

Driving our different directions

Not too far away from each other

Greeted by our own excited companions

There will be evening walks with dogs on loose leashes

Delicious fresh veggies from nearby

Glasses of wine on porch swings

Ample time for chatting

For getting lost in books

For dreaming dreams of the days ahead

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