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It Can't Always Be the Cadillac

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Beth Innis, DVM


When I was in veterinary school, we were taught that it was our duty as veterinarians to give each client the best medical options when faced with decisions in treatment of their pets. If the client is unable to go forward with the Cadillac Plan, as it was often called, we were then at liberty to lay out the range of plans, all the way to the most cost effective, yet certainly reasonable plan.

I am blessed with clients who go above and beyond for their pets, and I am equally blessed with clients who care deeply and are forced to make some of their decisions based on limited finances. I want to let the world know that as a veterinarian, I am not in a place, nor do I want to be a place to judge anyone's decisions. At Sleepy Dog, as long as our clients are focusing on the care and welfare of their pets, our patients, we are more than happy to find all the possible options. We are also more than happy to amend treatment plans and schedules as needs change.

During this time of planetary turmoil, please know that we are simply and always on your pet's side. If you cannot afford the Cadillac Plan, then, by all means, we will come up with a Smart Car Plan that works in your situation. We are here to help your pet feel better, and you feel heard in the process. All you need to do is communicate your particular needs and we will go from there. Let us all recognize that animal lovers can do their very best in a million different little ways, whether it is paying for an expensive, necessary surgery or tailoring a daily walk to benefit their pet in the best way possible.

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