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If not a Veterinarian...

Dr. Bethany Innis, DVM, CVA, CCRT, CVCHM, CVSMT


Meesh, our clinic manager, asked me recently if I wasn’t a veterinarian, what would I


I would want to be a nurse midwife. I could share the many ways of normal when it

came to pregnancy and birth. I could ease some fears. I could watch bodies change in

the ways bodies do to create life in ways they only know the details of. I could look,

listen and feel their little bodies inside their womb home and help ease them out to get a start at life. I could usher little humans into this big, great world.

Just like my vet life isn’t as charming as James Herriot’s, I’m sure my midwife life would

also have ups and downs. I can imagine there would be tension in the families and in

the hospitals and my words didn’t sound right when they left my mouth. I can imagine there would be some terrifyingly sad days when births didn’t go right and

the whole world felt wrong.

But at the end of the day, the goal would be health and the goal would be love. And that

feels pretty familiar to me.

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