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Employee Spotlight: Dr. Beth Innis

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Sleepy Dog Veterinary would not be the Veterinary Practice that it is, without our talented staff. From what got us started in the Veterinary field to our favorite vacation spots, get to know a little more about the Sleepy Dog Dream Team with our new Employee Spotlight!


Meet Dr. Beth Innis, without her and her dream Sleepy Dog Vet would not be here today! She was our first Veterinarian and is the Owner of Sleepy Dog Veterinary!

If you have been into Sleepy Dog Vet you may have had the opportunity to meet Dr. Innis, her smile is infectious, and it is clear she loves every one of her clients like her own!

Do you have any pets?:

hahahah... oh a couple!

Otto and Andrew are my dogs, Roosevelt (the cat), and three guinea pigs!

What drew you to the veterinary field?:

I could never get enough animals in my life. I am still known for "oohing and ahhing" over every dog I pass on the street.

Three words to describe Sleepy Dog Veterinary:





Vacation Spot:

Harpswell, Maine


Mall Rats with pre Hollywood Ben Affleck and Jason Lee


I cannot possibly choose one!



Motto or Personal Mantra:

"Laughter makes everything better."

In a movie, which Actor/Actress would play you?:

Oh, my. I'd love to say Kate McKinnon or Melissa McCarthy or Queen Latifah... however, in reality my Halloween Costume was more accurate - Dawn Wells as Marianne

What is one food you wish had zero calories?:

Birthday Cake

What is the more important thing you have learned in the last 5 years?:

Communication is 80% Listening.

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