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Why "Sleepy Dog Veterinary"?

Dr. Bethany Innis, DVM, CVA, CCRT, CVCHM, CVSMT


When I was about a month from giving birth (and let me be honest, I was super huge) to my first daughter, my colleague had a beautiful little Doberman Pincher patient who needed some acupuncture at home. I tried to protest, but he convinced me that she understood it might be short term, she lived around the corner from me and to give it a try.

So before Trudie was born in December of 2007, I waddled over to the beautiful little Doberman's house with my acupuncture needles and my stethoscope, thinking it was a one time deal.

I had my beautiful human baby and went back to work at the two hospitals where I worked. I couldn’t stop seeing the beautiful little Doberman, so I went there after the baby was asleep once a month.

More calls started coming in, prompted by my colleague, and I was compelled to be a little more professional, at least getting some business cards made. What should I call myself? I wanted to conjure up something peaceful. I wanted people to picture their dogs and cats curled up on their comfortable beds, at rest, pain free. I saw dogs and cats, however, “Sleepy Pet” sounded too general. I saw more dogs than cats at that point, so “Sleepy Dog” it was.

At that point, my first baby, was named Sleepy Dog Acupuncture. After my second baby, Trudie, and the third baby, Maisie, was born, I studied herbal medicine, starting using a low level therapeutic laser, and later studied animal chiropractic's. My client list grew and my back started to hurt, so I leased a building.

“Sleepy Dog Acupuncture” gave rise to “Sleepy Dog Veterinary” which seemed to encompass the growth in my treatment modalities. It also gave rise to a wonderful, skilled and compassionate team. When the team was big enough to have their own name, what better name to describe them than the Sleepy Dog Dream Team?

So now I picture my relaxed, sleepy patients with little thought bubbles over their heads, dreaming of our dreamy team and their next visit, complete with liver treats.

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