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The Best Part of My Day

Dr. Bethany Innis, DVM, CVA, CCRT, CVCHM, CVSMT


My amazing right-hand, work and life organizer, anticipator of all team and clinic needs, Ms. Meesh, asked me to write about the best part of my day. I am a lucky gal indeed that I cannot possibly answer this with one item, one event or even one topic!

The best part of my day is most of my day. It is true that there are loans to pay, there are the occasional unhappy people, there are some growls and scratches. We are in a field where suicide is rampant, people are leaving at high rates and there are never enough appointments available for all the animals.


And this is a big however.

When I walk into my clinic, there is a wonderful veterinary nurse planning for our day, getting comfy beds ready for pets scheduled to arrive. Another veterinary nurse is filling the air with palo santo to usher the troubled energies out.

This week, there is a little orange and white cat that we get to foster until the time she finds her forever home. We get to nuzzle her and assure her that there will be plenty to eat and plenty of love and she will not be left behind again.

I get to walk into exam rooms filled with love. People loving their pets, pets loving their people. Some days the concerns are really big, life and death. Some days the concerns are how many liver treats can be fit into one waiting mouth?

My heart sings at the sight of tail wags and toothy grins, dog friends who pick up their toys after months of not feeling well enough to play. I deeply love our cat friends who decide our treatments in hidey holes are worth the car ride. I tearingly receive thank you notes from people who got a little more time with their friend or felt seen in their love.

This is the best part of my day.

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