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What is a COHAT?  Learn more in this video by Dr. Beth!

Our goal at Sleepy Dog Veterinary is to provide the highest quality care integrative medicine
has to offer.  We strive to make our patients comfortable in a quiet, soothing environment,
have open communication with our clients and colleagues and foster a culture that
revolves around respect, positivity and tenderness.

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Dr. Chagit Steiner is currently accepting new patients for general and preventive medicine. She does not practice alternative medicine

such as acupuncture, chiropractic treatments or herbal supplements.  If you are interested in setting up a primary care visit with her please email us at

Regretfully, Dr. Innis is not accepting new patients at this time.  Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries we've received Dr. Innis' waitlist for new alternative care clients has been closed.

We are grateful for your understanding. 


The Sleepy Dog Team

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